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R.K. Girlinghouse, D.D.S. - Founder

"For An Affordable, Natural Look!"




The mission is simple, affordable quality close to home. Our doctors and staff enjoy a stable, predictable environment with better than average income. We don’t use a pay formula that nobody understands with the promise of a bonus that may or may not appear at the end of the year. We’ll offer a salary that is predictable and generous, so everyone can concentrate on doing what is best for the patient.


Our offices are small, one doctor facilities. The doctor is responsible for all clinical decisions, and is the leader of the office. We have a manager to manage things and the doctor leads the people. We all work for the patient, not an office manager or someone in a corporate office that is only known by name or an email address. If the doctor needs the lab to do something different, he or she doesn’t have to make a phone call to get it approved. The lab is there in the office, just walk over and talk to the technician.


As our name implies, our primary focus is on dentures and related services. We provide replacement as well as immediate dentures, with extractions. We offer our doctors the flexibility of performing other services such as crown and bridge, but have found most would prefer to just keep it simple.


If you are a doctor, receptionist, assistant, or lab technician, who is a team player, we want to talk to you. Our business model allows great flexibility for full or part time. We rarely work late and never miss lunch.


You can call any of our offices and a real person will answer. If we can’t talk then, because we are taking care of patients, we will get right back to you.


Ron Girlinghouse, DDS